The Campaign for Boise State.

Where the world sees a roadblock,​ you see a challenge accepted.​ When others are restrained by inhibition,​ you are empowered by what’s possible.​ When the future isn’t clear,​ you create a blueprint for what’s next. Why? Because you’re a Bronco,​ and your grass isn’t greener: It’s blue.​ Set free from the restraints of what should be, you see what could be – and you run after it.

Forever unbridled, Broncos charge into​ a future of our own making.

Blueprint for Success

Under the leadership of President Marlene Tromp, Boise State University is pursuing a strategic vision, our Blueprint for Success, to take our university to even greater heights. The UNBRIDLED campaign will be key to realizing our vision to be a premier student-success-driven research university innovating for statewide and global impact.

Philanthropy propels every element of the university’s mission — expanding access to education, pushing the boundaries of discovery and innovation, and improving the quality of life in Idaho and beyond. Although we have made great strides in our history, we must embark on this comprehensive campaign to see what’s next. To reach our full potential, we need to look for investments in the future.

Why the UNBRIDLED Campaign Matters

From groundbreaking research to more opportunities for students, the campaign advances key priorities at the university level and for each college, school, and unit to help us meet the unique challenges of our time. Our fundraising priorities are grounded in our mission:

  • Student Success and Access: Endowed Scholarships and True Blue Scholarships
  • Relentless Faculty Innovation: Endowed Faculty
  • Support an elite athletics program: What’s Next Initiative
Pillar 1

Student Access and Success

Scholarships empower students to overcome obstacles, achieve their full potential, and contribute to our learning community.​ We aim to ensure that a quality education remains within reach for all students, regardless of their circumstances.  We’re committed to breaking down barriers and empowering the next generation of Broncos as they shape the ​future of Idaho. ​

Scholarship Match Program

The Boise State University Foundation believes in the power of education to change lives. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is committed to creating opportunities and empowering the next generation of Bronco leaders to innovate and inspire.

Pillar 2

Relentless Faculty Innovation

Faculty are the backbone of a Boise State education. They mentor students, expand knowledge through research, and tackle the biggest challenges facing the world today. That’s why establishing more endowed faculty positions is a pillar of the Unbridled campaign. Endowments create ongoing support and a career path for professors, researchers and instructors, helping them deliver the best possible experience for students, break ground in their fields, and enable Boise State to attract and retain talented faculty.

Faculty Endowment Match Program

At Boise State University, we believe in the transformative power of education and the profound influence of visionary educators and researchers. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our groundbreaking initiative, the Boise State University Faculty Endowment Matching Program, which amplifies your philanthropic impact and supports our faculty.

Pillar 3

Positioned for What’s Next

Positioned for What’s Next, Boise State Athletics serves as the stomping ground where Broncos gather, connect, and triumph. We empower student-athletes to compete at the highest level by continually enhancing athletic facilities, supporting the whole student-athlete, and delivering unmatched experiences for everyone. We are committed to ensure that every interaction, event, and opportunity at Boise State surpasses expectations, leaving a lasting impression on students, faculty, staff, and visitors, and fostering a culture of excellence and enrichment.

A heartfelt thank you to our committee members whose guidance and passion for all our Broncos have been instrumental in championing the Unbridled spirit of Boise State University.

University Leadership


Marlene Tromp
John Buckwalter
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Alicia Estey
Chief Financial and Operating Officer and Vice President for Finance and Operations
Matthew Ewing
CEO,  University Foundation
Nancy Glenn
Vice President for Research and Economic Development
Jeremiah Shinn
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
Jeramiah Dickey
Executive Director of Athletics
Bill Brady
Chief Human Resources Officer
Lauren Griswold
Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
Andrew Finstuen
Associate Vice President for Strategic Planning and Special Initiatives, Director of the Institute for Advancing American Values, Dean of the Honors College
Shawn Benner
Dean, College of Innovation and Design
Jenn White
Special Counsel for Government Relations, Assistant Vice President for Finance & Operations
Brian Wampler
President’s Professor of Public Scholarship and Engagement
Alicia Garza
Professor and President’s Fellow

Campaign Leadership


Randy Hales (Chair) Emily Baker Argia Beristain
Allen Dykman Matthew Ewing Zach Higgins
Darren Kyle Cheryl Larabee Jim Martin
Royanne Minskoff Bruce Mohr Stacy Pearson
Ryan Relyea Rick Stacey Brandy Stemmler
Glen Walker

University Foundation Board Officers


Jim Martin (Executive Chair) Bruce Mohr (Vice Chair) Brandy Stemmler (Immediate Past Chair) Rick Pedigo (Secretary)
Glen Walker (Treasurer, Finance and Audit Committee Chair) David Wali (Real Estate Committee Chair) Debbie Flandro (Governance Committee Chair)

University Foundation Board of Directors


Emily Baker Kenny Bolton Allen Dykman Ted Epperly Debbie Flandro
Randy Hales Korey Hall Zach Higgins Darren Kyle Cheryl Larabee
Rod MacKinnon Bernadette Madarieta Jason Manning Mike Mers Royanne Minskoff
Brent Moylan Stacy Pearson Ryan Relyea Michael Reynoldson Jennifer Seamons
Rick Stacey Richelle Sugiyama Matt Wolff Brian Yeargain Abbie Belthoff (Honorary, Alumni Association)
Bob Vorbeck (Honorary, Bronco Athletic Association) Roger Michener (Honorary, Emeriti) Paul Powell (Honorary, University Foundation)

Frequently Asked Questions

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