Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is Boise State in a campaign?

This is our moment, the Unbridled campaign is our opportunity to grow our impact in profound and lasting ways. A campaign unites all of Boise State’s colleges, schools and units around shared priorities with focused opportunities for philanthropic support.

Q: Why is private philanthropy necessary for a public institution?

Private philanthropy is a critical component of Boise State’s funding model and financial health. More than ever, philanthropy is essential to Boise State’s continued growth and prosperity. While the State of Idaho has traditionally supported public higher education, state appropriations make up a smaller percentage of Boise State’s operating budget than ever before.

Q: How will my gift make an impact in such a large campaign?

Quite simply, Boise State will only reach its goal with the steadfast support of alumni, parents, and friends giving at every level. Reaching a goal this ambitious will take several years and during that time, every gift will count toward our goal.

Q. How will my gift be used?

Your gift goes to the college, school, unit, program or other cause that you specify. You can choose to give to a general purpose — like the True Blue scholarships fund — or to a specific department or program that is close to your heart. Every gift makes a difference.

Q: What kinds of projects do donors support in a campaign?

Donors contribute to a variety of programs and projects that support the university’s public mission in virtually every department and unit. These private gifts support student scholarships, professorships, capital projects and other priorities. Many of these priorities reflect areas where investments add to state support and enable Boise State to achieve excellence in particular programs. Other gifts raised during a campaign go toward the university’s endowment to ensure long-term, stable support.

Q: What gifts count as campaign gifts?

In this comprehensive campaign, we count all gifts and philanthropic grants toward the campaign goal. Additionally, we count pledges and qualifying bequest expectancies.

Q: Can Boise State use donor funds to lower the price of tuition?

Many donor contributions are used for scholarships and fellowships to offset tuition costs, with thousands of Boise State students benefiting from philanthropic generosity each year. The Idaho legislature sets tuition rates for all public universities in Idaho.

Q: Can the donations from the campaign be used to boost faculty salaries?

In a way, yes. For more information about endowed faculty positions, talk with your development officer.

Q: Will all areas of campus benefit from the campaign?

Yes. All colleges, schools, units, including athletics, will be part of the campaign and have established their goals and funding priorities.

Q: Why document an estate gift?

Providing Boise State with information about your bequest will help ensure your wishes are met. With respect to designating specific purposes or programs, we can review the language to make sure it can carry out your intentions and, in case of an endowed fund, that the necessary endowment language is included. 

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