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Relentless Faculty Innovation

Boise State is a force of intellectual curiosity and ingenuity. Our Blue Turf Thinking leads to game-changing discoveries, student-centered learning experiences, and stronger communities.  

Creating a Hub for Academic Advancement   

Boise is a destination for student-centered transformative learning experiences. Faculty, researchers, and students alike are tackling challenges and pushing the boundaries of research discoveries and forging a path for progress.

Interdisciplinary Research

We aim to unlock new frontiers of innovation, driving transformative discoveries that shape the future of our society. 

How Endowing Faculty Positions Boosts Boise State

Boise State has aspirations — for its students, faculty and the communities it serves. That’s why it prioritizes private support of endowed faculty.

Endowments are investments that yield extra income for instructors and scholars, usually named after donors or their loved ones. They supplement salaries, fund research projects, equip laboratories, pay for travel and other expenses, and hire graduate students. 

Professors and members of the Boise State University administration at a ceremony for endowed professorships

Endowed faculty positions are a powerful tool in both attracting and retaining the most talented faculty. These prestigious awards directly impact the reputation of the institution and enhance the education opportunities of our students.

John Buckwalter Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Faculty-led internships,immersive programs, and research opportunitiesprovide real-world experiences that bridge classroom knowledge withpractical skills, empowering our students to become adaptable,confident, and future-ready leaders in their chosen fields.

Imagining — and Creating — a School of the Environment

Boise State’s new School of the Environment is a landmark of innovation and interdisciplinary activity 

Long a dream of Boise State students and scholars, the School of the Environment is now a bastion of interdisciplinary learning and research. Officially authorized by the Idaho State Board of Education in 2022, it brings together experts in diverse disciplines, from climate science to history, to create a unique hub for students and faculty tackling one of the most pressing challenges of our age.

Students and instructors share what they've learned at an environmentally themed excursion near Cascade, Idaho.

I’m trying to understand the physics and biology of how these systems work. We need those humanities and social sciences perspectives. There’s only so much that I as a biophysical scientist can bring to the table in that conversation.

Alejandro “Lejo” Flores Professor of Geosciences at Boise State

Powering Possibility

We want Broncos to feel forever unbridled when it comes to making advancements for the future. Together, we harness the power of immersive academic programs to solve real-world challenges. Learn more about how you can join The Campaign for Boise State. 

Faculty Endowment Match Program

At Boise State University, we believe in the transformative power of education and the profound influence of visionary educators and researchers. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our groundbreaking initiative, the Boise State University Faculty Endowment Matching Program, a remarkable opportunity to amplify your philanthropic impact and support our outstanding faculty members.

Unbridle the Future

Join us as we build the blueprint for Boise’s future, and create the Idaho we all want to live in.