Scholarship Match Program

The Boise State University Foundation believes in the power of education to change lives. The Foundation’s Board of Directors is committed to creating opportunities and empowering the next generation of Bronco leaders to innovate and inspire.

Recognizing that financial barriers are among the primary reasons students don’t earn a degree and that scholarships help remove these barriers and allow students to explore opportunities to their fullest potential, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that will amplify your philanthropic impact like never before, the Boise State University Foundation Scholarship Endowment Bridge Program. 

For a limited time, the Foundation will provide a bridge match for qualifying new, and enhanced, endowed scholarship gifts. Now, donors can help Boise State students immediately while creating a legacy that lasts forever

Our goals are to ensure students can access a college education without worrying about cost, increase scholarship support and make an even more significant difference in the lives of high-need students, and ensure that quality education remains within reach for all students, regardless of their circumstances.

Here’s how the scholarship match works.

Endowment funds are created by gifts where donors stipulate that the principal be maintained in perpetuity, and invested for the purpose of producing present and future income. The Boise State University Foundation prudently invests these gifts to generate a steady, reliable money flow that we call the payout.

This payout is then made available to students as scholarships.  The minimum gift for an endowed scholarship is $25,000, which generates an annual award of approximately $1,000.

Many donors who pledge to establish, or enhance, an endowed scholarship schedule their payments over five years. However, the entire gift commitment must be received before the endowment produces scholarship funds allowing Boise State to make the first scholarship award. This time, between the donor’s commitment, and the first scholarship award not isn’t only a delay for the recipient, but also delays the donor seeing the direct impact of their philanthropy.

Here’s how the Foundation’s matching program can help get students funding immediately.

Now, when you commit to creating, or enhancing,a qualifying scholarship endowment with an outright gift, the foundation will provide funds so students will begin receiving scholarships following your first payment. The bigger your gift commitment, the bigger your immediate impact!

For example, Buster Bronco created the Bronco Family Scholarship with a $25,000 commitment to be paid over five years. During the first four (4) years, while Buster makes annual $5,000 payments, the Foundation provides the university with $1,000 annually to award as Bronco Family Scholarships. After that, the payout from the endowment provides annual scholarship awards.

Another example is John James, who decided to create the James Company Scholarship with a $100,000 outright gift. The Foundation will provide the university with $4,000 each year, for four (4) years, to be awarded as James Company Scholarships. During that time the Foundation will reinvest the payout from the endowed fund back into the principal of the James Company Scholarship to grow the fund’s balance. Afterward, in the fifth and subsequent years, the endowment payout provides the annual scholarship award.

In this way the bridge match allows donors to see the impact of their philanthropy right away while enhancing the University’s ability to provide future scholarships to deserving students simultaneously.

Scholarship Naming Opportunities


Donor Endowment Commitment Endowed Scholarship Foundation Bridge Match (Expendable)* Recipient Criteria
$200,000+ Named President-Level Scholarship $8,000/year for four years Merit-based, 3.5 minimum GPA, full-time students, may be renewed for four years and restricted to college/school/department
$100,000-$199,000 Named Dean Level Scholarship $4,000/year for four years Merit-based, 3.5 minimum GPA, full-time students, may be renewed for four years and restricted to a college/school/department
$50,000+ Named Endowed Scholarship $2,000/year for four years Merit/need-based, may be restricted to a college/school/department
$25,000+ Named True Blue Scholarship (in support of the President’s True Blue Promise) $1,000/year for four years Full-time, First-year Idaho students with need, minimum 3.0 GPA, may not be restricted to a college/school/department


*These figures are the minimums for the Foundation’s Bridge Match. The Foundation will match 4% of the donor’s full endowment commitment for four years.

Meet Loyal Broncos Glen Walker and Caile Spear

Longtime Donors Pay it Forward

Glen Walker and Caile Spear are longtime donors to Boise State University, having provided financial support to Boise State students for more than 25 years. As members of the Loyal Broncos giving society — donors who give philanthropic gifts for five or more consecutive years — the Boise couple said they understand first-hand the financial challenges students have while attending college.

Glen Walker and Caile Spear

Serving on the Boise State Foundation has shined a bright light on how important it is to fund more Boise State scholarships. A strong foundation helps bring in the needed dollars to provide student scholarships.

Glen Walker Loyal Bronco and Boise State University Foundation Board Member

Why Create a Scholarship Legacy?

The Boise State University Foundation believes that every act of philanthropy has the potential to become a legacy, an enduring mark on the world that outlives us and continues to make a difference. Your support of scholarships through the Foundation’s Scholarship Endowment Bridge Program isn’t just a financial contribution; it embodies your values, your commitment to education, and your vision for a brighter future. Your gift will:

  • Empower Generations: Your endowed scholarship gift means that for generations to come, students will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Your legacy extends far beyond your lifetime, nurturing countless leaders, thinkers, and change-makers.
  • Have a Ripple Effect: Scholarships have a profound ripple effect. As students graduate, they enter the world equipped with knowledge, skills, and a sense of purpose, passing on your legacy through their achievements and contributions to society.
  • Inspire Others: Your act of generosity can serve as an inspiration for others to follow suit. It’s a call to action for those who share your vision, amplifying the impact of your legacy and expanding the community of changemakers.
  • Transform Our Communities: The students you support today are the ones who will go on to tackle the world’s challenges, elevate their communities, and leave their own legacies of positive change, all rooted in the opportunities you provide.

When you create a scholarship through this bridge-matching program, you may decide whether it will be awarded to students in a specific college or across the university. You may choose whether your endowment funds students with financial need or if the recipients are selected with other criteria, based on their academic program.

Also, in recognition of your significant commitment to Boise State, you may name your endowed scholarship, for yourself, to honor a loved one, for your family, or colleague.

We understand that creating a legacy is not just about giving; it’s about making a meaningful and enduring impact. The Boise State University Foundation is committed to preserving your legacy by ensuring your scholarship gift stands the test of time, consistently supporting students and fostering a culture of achievement.

When you participate in the Boise State University Foundation Scholarship Endowment Bridge Program, you are not only providing scholarships, but you’re sowing the seeds of a brighter future. Your legacy is built on the dreams and achievements of students who, thanks to your generosity, can reach their full potential. A named scholarship is a significant, lasting legacy that will transform students’ lives – now and into the future, with the Foundation’s bridge match you’ll be able to see that begin legacy today.

Faculty Endowment Matching Program

Just as the Scholarship Endowment Bridge Program enhances student access and success, the Boise State University Faculty Endowment Matching Program fosters the relentless pursuit of innovative research and education.