Video: Royanne and Alan Minskoff Celebrate Endowment of Honors College Scholarship

She graduated from Boise State University in 1977 with a degree in Theatre Arts after serving in the Student Senate, representing the College of Arts & Sciences. She went on to represent her family’s interests in its commercial real estate business, and is a member of the Boise State University Foundation, where she serves on the campaign committee. He is a longtime magazine editor and journalism educator. On Feb. 26, Royanne and Alan Minskoff joined Boise State for a special event at the Alumni & Friends Center to celebrate the endowment of the Royanne and Alan Minskoff Honors College Scholarship. In endowing their scholarship, the Minskoffs were able to use the Scholarship Matching program through Unbridled: The Campaign for Boise State, which will allow the university to begin awarding the scholarship — and the Minskoffs to begin seeing its impact — immediately.

“I like the idea of participating in Unbridled and what it can bring to the university and to the community and to the state. There isn’t a better time than now. Do it,” Royanne said. “The Honors College gives students that small college experience, but gives them access to everything that a large institution like Boise State has to offer.”

“The Unbridled campaign got our attention. We really liked the idea and we wanted to be part of it. The perpetuity of the scholarship really is meaningful,” Alan said. “As an educator, I think there’s hardly anything more important than being able to see bright futures and what can be accomplished when students are serious about their work as they are in the Honors College.”

The Royanne and Alan Minskoff Honors College Scholarship is available to Honors College students with GPAs of 3.5 or higher. Endowed scholarships are a permanent way to support Boise State students and improve access to higher education. They are a pillar of Unbridled: The Campaign for Boise State. To learn more about scholarships and the impact they have on Broncos, click here.